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Rail Mount Weapon Light, With Targeting Laser AND Strobe Feature!

$185 ea, Red OR Green Laser

Select Beam Color


LED detailed information:
Power: 3W
Diameter: 8 mm
Length: 85 mm
LED brightness: Up to 200 lumens blinding beam
Lamp cup radiation angel: 45 degree
LED radiation angel: 120 degree
Light color: Cold white

Laser detailed information:
Wavelength: 650-660nm
Power Output: 3 W
Laser Type (mw): 5
Battery: Two CR123 Lithium Batteries
Battery Life: 2.5 hours of runtime

Body is Hard-Coat (Type III) Anodized Construction. This is a sturdy, high quality unit. Beware of low quality immitations. Assembled in USA, ships from USA.

Pen-style Laser Pointer, Green or Purple!

$24.99 ea, Purple OR Green Laser

Select Beam Color


Detailed information:
Power: 5mW
Diameter: 13 mm
Length: 155 mm
Beam: 532nm (Green) or 405nm (Purple)
This is a Class IIIb Product

Beware of low quality import immitations. These are very high quality units, assembled in USA, shipping from USA.