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Choke Assistance Program

Here's what to do. If you cannot find a choke tube for your shotgun, regardless of make, model, or age, send us one of the choke tubes from the gun. We will measure every aspect of the original choke tube, and give you a firm price for new choke tubes for your gun. We will return your original choke to you, along with a written price quotation for any choke tubes that you may want for this gun.

We would prefer to recieve an extended choke, however, a flush mount choke tube will work, as long as you can provide an accurate measurement of how far the choke seats, measured from the end of the barrel, down to the edge of the choke tube. A good method for doing this is to use Vernier, Dial, or Digital Calipers, placing the end of the slide in contact with the barrel, and sliding the measuring bar down to the top of the choke tube.

Due to fluctuating work loads, it may take several weeks for your choke to be returned to you, along with your price quotation. Please take this timing into account around hunting season!

Chokes may be shipped to us at:

Wilson Precision Products
PO Box 255
Ida, MI, 48140

Please be sure to include a full description of your gun, along with any information you have about it's age (for older firearms).