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Beginning on 1 January 2005, ALL choke tubes produced by Wilson Precision Products, LLC will be Cryogenically Treated. This includes all standard and special order, items. Shop around, and then compare. There is no better deal on the market. Our choke tubes are custom pieces, each made to order, and hand finished. We combine the best of modern CNC quality, and accuracy, and the craftsmanship of hand-finished pieces.

Cryogenically treating steel relieves stress in the material through deep cryogenic tempering. Stresses cause steel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing -- warping causes walking, stringing, or wandering in the shot group. Deep cryogenic tempering process relieves internal stress in the steel so the choke tube will no longer bend or warp. In addition, your choke tube will be easier to clean and give you increased performance, increased accuracy, and extended choke tube life.

Deep cryogenic tempering is a one-time, computer-controlled process where metal is cooled slowly to deep cryogenic temperatures (-300 F), and slowly returned to room temperature. The metal is triple-tempered as the final step in the process. This dry process permanently refines the grain structure of the steel at the atomic level, producing a homogeneously stabilized material. The denser, smoother surface reduces friction, heat, and wear. The result is better, more consistent coverage and placement of shotgun patterns. Your choke tube will last longer, be stronger, shoot better, and be easier to clean!