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Wilson Precision Products, LLC
P.O. Box:255
Ida, Michigan, 48140

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Wilson Precision Products, LLC

Wilson Precision Products, LLC was formed to design, manufacture, and sell products for hunters and firearms enthusiasts. Overall, our company can be characterized as a multi-faceted organization, as we encompass design, manufacture, and retail of our own proprietary products, as well as providing consulting, and gunsmithing services to our customers. We have the capability to perform CNC turning, CNC milling, Gundrilling, Ded-Tru and Centerless grinding, surface grinding (including intricate form work), honing, and hot black oxide plating, in-house.

Our machining experience runs the gamut, from aerospace, to defense contract work, tool and die, medical device machining, tooling for the injection molding industry, to automotive OEM components. We take this broad experience, and focus it on our line of products geared for the hunting - firearms market. These products range from CNC machined Compensators, sight assemblies, choke tubes, fire-control components, barrel work, and custom barrels, to plating and EDM work.

Our Mission Statement:

Wilson Precision Products will produce innovative products that center on consumer insights and unarticulated needs, design and manufacture these products with little waste, and engage the highest of quality standards throughout the design, manufacturing, and marketing stages.

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