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The Finest Custom Choke Tubes In The World

Customer Comments

Got the gun today, workmanship on everything is fantastic, thank you!


Got the choke, .638 for my Remington 870. This choke shoots the heck outta the cards!!! Here is a target I shot with those cheap #8 shells that we use.

638 FastPort Rem870

30 yards, I love it! Thanks!!!

Hey Todd,

Not sure if you remember me or not. I am a Cop in Texas. You built some really cool stand off chokes for my entry shotgun about 5 years ago. Looks like you have expanded your company over the last few years. I hope all is going well for you and your family. I have another Remington 870 Barrel that I would like to do a stand off choke on.

Hi folks!

I have had you do two barrels so far with extended tubes and they both shoot beyond belief. One for a Remington Competition Trap and one for a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I had tricked out a bit. Right now the full choke set up in both of these guns give a significantly better pattern @ 40 yards and 27 yards than the extra full in the 90T.
Please advise and if you feel confident with some improved performance I will send you out the barrel right away.
Thanx! JIM

Dear WPP,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the new choke tube that I ordered from you. The first nite that I tried it out I shot a perfect score of 25 out of 25 at trap. All my shooting was from the 27yd. line. It was a big improvement for me, I had been struggling with 24's 23's and 22's, but no 25's until I installed your new tube.

If you have anyone that is undecided about your product have them talk to me you won't be able to keep up with orders. Thanks again.

Mark Lindsay
Green Bay Wi.

Todd and Marla,

With three days left in last weeks Michigan hunt #160 and a shaky weather forecast, I opted for this 7 1/2" bearded Gobbler. He wasn't the biggest of the three, but was the open shot at forty yards down through some heavy cover.

Shooting a $7.50 a box, #4 Turkey load he was belly up with copper plated lead poisoning.

The Gobbler had taken so many hits among the head and neck area that he was instantly bloody, leaving a trail that led straight to my back pocket which still had a few bucks in it.

Custom Calls + Custom Choke = Dead Gobbler

I will recommend your Wilson Precision Choke Tubes to anyone!!

Awesome Choke Tube fellows, Stephen Twork

Shallow Rio Custom Calls


I have used your products before and I am a really big fan. They work really well, and you should be proud! Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Tony Cuchiara

Vice President - Arizona Sporting Clays Association (ASCA)

Todd and Marla,

Thanks for shipping the card shooter choke out so fast!

Won 5 out of 10 tries at the local shoot tonight shooting a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" target without a chance to pattern the choke with the same shells used at the shoot.

I'm shooting a Rem 1187 with a 26" vent rib with your choke and Winchester AA trap loads #9 - 2 3/4 drams 1 1/8 oz of shot at 33 steps.

The closest to the center cross hair wins.

The winning targets had 15,27,27,42 and 48 hits each.

The wind was blowing from left to right around 15 mph.

Winn Huggins

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,

Tube is working wonderfully. I use it for shooting Trap games. We play Annies, and backers etc. from the 40 yard line here in Ogden Utah. Although I haven't patterned the tube yet, I assume it is working when I can explode targets at 110 yards! Any way great product, glad that I gave you guys a try.


Mac Davis

Hi Todd!

I found the following at the range last night (finally got some time to catch up on fun stuff):

0.670 Winchoke for my Encore 12ga, Remington hevishot #5's @ 40 yards resulted in 22 pellets in 3" circle & 90% @ 20" circle

0.670 diameter choke for my encore looks to be decent!

0.678 Choke for American Arms o/u 10ga, Remington hevishot #5's @ 40 yards resulted in 25 pellets in 3" circle & 90% @ 20" circle

0.678 for main choke, and the 0.700 or more open 2nd barrel looks like a good combo.

I am happy to find a choke size that works with hevi shot 5's, should really knock them long beards down!

Mike Joyner
2nd Vice President
National Wild Turkey Federation
New York State Chapter
Cortland, New York 13045


You have the best made choke tubes I have seen so far! I am a 30 year full-time law enforcement officer, for the ********* State Police. I have 12 really "radical" card guns to shoot just about every type of shell imaginable. Your chokes that I purchased for my Mossberg 835 are really some of the best as hunting patterns go! Thanks for the fine products and service.


Todd & Marla,

Thank you VERY much for the rush job on the chokes. I am very pleased with the Remington choke and I'm sure my buddy will be just as pleased with the choke i got him for his Browning. I patterned mine this morning in the back yard and was quite impressed. You definetly have my endorsment and I will recommend you to my friends


Andy Garland